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Hot sexpot Britney Spears was only 17 when she reached #1 on the U.S. pop music charts. Her catchy tunes and hubba-hubba physique made Spears one of world’s biggest pop stars, and she became a near-constant presence on MTV, radio broadcasts and sexy magazine covers around the globe. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this young MILF who often engages in rigorous workouts, pilates and yoga and now she is focusing her attention to her newfound hobby that makes her fit and young at the same time… and that’s no other than SEX! Yes, Britney engages in a lot of “rigorous workouts” these days and she gets her daily dose of big, hard cocks working out with her in bed and you can get to see her in action in these Britney Spears hardcore sex photos.
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We all saw her grow up before our eyes way back when she started out as a Mouseketeer in The Mickey Mouse Club until she became that fast-rising pop superstar with her very first single Baby Hit Me One More Time, and we all saw her eventual downfall after that nasty divorce from Kevin Federline that led to her controversial depression that made her shave her head bald and now she even has this most-talked about porn video. Britney Spears has indeed become a part of our lives one way or the other and for all you pervs out there, you may have fantasized about shagging this chick in your wet dreams. So listen up homies and we just have the thing for you and you can get to see Britney in sleazy action stuffing her mouth with big, juicy cocks and getting cummed on as we give you Britney Spears Blowjob Pictures.

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Spears ordered to pay lawyers $400,000 for legal services

Troubled pop singer Britney Spears had to shell out a whopping total of $400,000 in lawyer’s fee when a Los Angeles court ordered the 26-year old superstar to pay the cash to the numerous lawyers who were involved in all of her legal affairs for the past three months.

The big fee covered her custody battle with estranged husband Kevin Federline and her conservatorship issues regarding her multi-million dollar estate. reported that Andrew Wallet, co-conservator of all of Spears’ finances, has not received a salary for his services to Spears since taking over her estate issues with the pop star’s father Jamie in February of 2008.
It was reported earlier that Spears’ new divorce lawyer, Stacy Phillips, has been finally awarded $75,000 for her legal services.


Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib still together

Britney Spears’ controversial whirlwind romance with photographer Adnan Ghalib is still on and going very strong.

Contrary to reports that the two have split up in March, the troubled pop music icon is still attracted to the paparazzo and is regularly keeping in touch with him.

Host and comedienne Kathy Griffin recently filmed a segment with the controversial snapper on her show and told that the couple is still a hot item in the industry.

Since the reported break up, Ghalib has been seen in television guestings and has been fondly talking about Spears and their wonderful relationship while a Los Angeles model went public and exposed the photographer as a cheater for dating her and Britney at the same time.

Ever since Britney’s father, James Spears, took control over her daughter’s estate and personal affairs, the two were not seen publicly together since February of 2008.


Rudolph denies reports of him plotting Spears’ recording comeback

Larry Rudolph, former manager of Britney Spears has denied rumors of a Britney Spears comeback when she and Rudolph were spotted going inside a studio together and told press that it was just for fun.

Rudolph is widely credited for her discovery of the trouble pop superstar when she was only 15-years old and was reportedly dismissed as Spears’ manger after news began to spread that he and the singer’s parents have intervened to get her into rehab in early 2007.

Rumors of the Spears-Rudolph reconciliation have sparked further stories of a grand comeback of Britney in the music scene but he denies strongly that there was no truth to the speculation and Britney wasn’t working on any new album.

A source confirms to Us magazine that, “She just wanted to go in and tinker (play) around. She sat at a piano and got some ideas. She played the piano and sang a bit. She enjoyed herself.”


Former Manager of Britney Spears gets an extended restraining order

Spears’ former manager and confidante Sam Lufti will be having a hard time getting close to the pop diva as his restraining order was extended for another three months.

US District Court Judge Philip Gutierrez has ordered Lufti to stay away from the troubled singer as court officials struggled to serve him a restraining order for which he is now forbidden to make any contacts with her nor coming within 250 yards of the 26-year old Spears.

A Los Angeles family court has granted temporary transfer of authority to Britney’s estate to her father James Spears and a co-conservator, attorney Andrew Wallet. It was during this hearing that the court has issued a restraining order on Lufti after there were allegations that he and Britney’s mother Lynne had drugged her daughter.

In a statement issued to, Lutfi’s spokesman, Michael Sands said: “Sam and the family are communicating and cooperating trying to do what’s best for Britney.”